FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Technical Content Writing

Technical Content Writing is writing content that markets and evangelizes your software product or SaaS to potential customers and clients.

I produce articles, blog posts, Medium posts, white papers, ebooks, websites(CMS or static), comparative analysis reports, performance analysis reports and demo videos - all with nice explanatory illustrations - that help you attract new customers and clients.

Customers and clients of software products and services have to analyze an offering on multiple aspects - business costs, maintenance risks, architectural constraints, deployment architectures, scalability, availability, flexibility, service guarantees and much more.

In addition, they have to do all that for every shortlisted offering before finalizing on your product.

Your employees may not have the time or knowledge to create content that helps your customers and clients do all that quicker. Even if your employees do produce such content, there will be some doubts hovering over their content since they are produced by a biased party.

Hiring an external technical content writer like me benefits your business in many ways:

1. Unlike your employees, I can dedicate my time towards researching and evaluating your offerings on their own merits as well as comparing them to your competitors' offerings, and produce content that explains all that in a convincing way.

2. As an experienced subject matter and technical expert, I can provide valuable technical feedback about your software or SaaS that your teams might have missed out due to blind spots.

3. I have 18 years of actual software engineering experience in hands-on and senior roles.
Unlike most of your employees or internal writers, I can put myself in the shoes of your customers' and clients' technical decision makers, analyze your offering from their point of view, and produce content that clarifies their questions.

I am not a Technical Writer as understood commonly in the software industry. Some key differences between Technical Writer and Technical Content Writer:

  • Goals

    Technical Writer: Writes with the goal of informing and educating the target audience about technical details of a software product or SaaS. Marketing or evangelizing is typically not expected of them.

    Technical Content Writer: I write with the goal of marketing or evangelizing your software product or SaaS. I too make use of technical details, but frame them in a big picture that highlights your product's business or architectural or performance advantages.

  • Target Audience

    Technical Writer: Generally writes content that is useful after customer or client acquisition. The target audience is often software engineers or other technical roles who will use your product or SaaS hands-on.

    Technical Content Writer: I write content that is useful for customer or client acquisition. My target audience is often technical decision makers like founders, CTOs, architects, or senior engineers who need to be convinced about the merits of your product or service. Having worked in some of those roles, I use vocabulary that they are familiar with.

  • Nature of Content

    Technical Writer: Writes content for hands-on practical use - product manuals, API documentation, tutorials, guides, online help documentation.

    Technical Content Writer: I write content that helps convince potential customers or clients to buy your product or SaaS. Content in the form of explanatory articles, blog posts, illustrations, ebooks, white papers, demo videos, performance analysis reports and product comparison reports.

  • Experience and Education

    Technical Writer: In general, is a writer first who happens to specialize in technical writing. Their education is often in technical communication, language or writing.

    Technical Content Writer: I'm a subject matter expert in multiple software technologies, who also likes writing about and explaining them. I have extensive experience in hands-on and senior software engineering roles, and my education is engineering.

  • Tools

    Technical Writer: Uses specialized tools, standards and formats to produce and publish content. Tools like DITA, OxygenXML, LaTeX, Confluence. The tooling and workflows are often standardized to support multiple writers and editors.

    Technical Content Writer: I can be more flexible with choosing tools and formats which best suit a particular audience.
    Sometimes, web-based content like WordPress blogs or static websites may be the best solution.
    Sometimes, book formats like PDFs / EPUB / MOBI may be better.

I am not a marketing copywriter either. Like copywriting, Technical Content Writing too aims to market and evangelize your software product or service. But unlike it, the content here is more long-form, in-depth, technical, explanatory and analytical of the business problems that your product or service solve.

  • I have 18 years of software engineering experience in hands-on and senior roles.
    I think just like the decision makers of your customers and clients do.
    I know how to explain problems and technical details in ways that they would find very useful.

  • I find researching, exploring, explaining and writing about software genuinely exciting and enjoyable.

  • I have a wide range of interests and knowledge. This helps me ideate problems and explore software solutions. It's quite possible that I can open your eyes to problems you never thought of that your software product or service solves.

  • I have an audience of interested technical and engineering professionals on Medium that your offering can reach.